Teaming Up with My Pops

So, my dad and I now have a joint web venture. It’s not going to be the next Gawker or ScienceBlogs or anything, but it’s surprisingly of-the-moment, especially for peanut butter fiends. We just launched a blog dedicated to food safety. It’s called Food Safety Policy. (Sexy, right? My dad’s a former academic, so go easy.)

Anyway, we’re combining my ability to post things to a weblog with his ability to know what he’s talking about–as long as it’s about food safety–to bring news and analysis on our increasingly worrisome food supply. (Pet food, spinach, jalapenoes, oh my!)

It’s a work-in-progress, of course–the banner I made, for instance, could really use some work. But, think function over form. My dad’s first post (to that or any blog) is up now. If you’re wondering why it took so long to identify the culprits in the peanut butter-borne salmonella outbreak, he is, as well.

(This up-close-and-personal photo of my dad is unlikely to curry me any favor with him. Too bad he didn’t have any other kids, so it won’t affect my cumulative favorite child-ranking.)


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