Education Blogging at GOOD

It’s 2010. After a year of some soul-searching, unemployment-collecting and taking every possible opportunity handed to me, I have finally put together a reasonably solid base for a freelance career. I suppose that was my 2009 accomplishment.

Part of that portfolio will be blogging about education for GOOD–the magazine for people who give a damn, which I’ve been happily (and, at times, frustratingly) tangled with for more than a year now. I got some experience doing this in December, and I am quickly learning what are going to be the big topics for 2010: Obama’s Race to the Top initiative, exploding costs of higher public education, the ongoing questions about the effectiveness of charter schools, the continuing struggle to get the right sort of teachers in front of our students and, perhaps nearest and dearest to my heart, getting kids to appreciate math and science.

This is sort of a big experiment–both in terms of how this channel is being run on the GOOD site and in terms of me coming up to speed on a new subject area. Should make for an interesting year.


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